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Are Breast Better Without Bras??

Happy faceSo what are your thoughts? A French study says that women are better off without a bra. I can tell you that for me, I don't plan on getting rid of my bra anytime soon.

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Got Bras? Got Lots of Stories, By Gayle Suzanne

Bra Cat

Our fat little kitty, Shadow, loves my teenage daughter's bras - she has a number of bras that stand up by themselves. Her bras (and everything else) are strewn all over her bedroom floor. Several times when I've peeked in her room, Shadow's been on the floor resting with a bra cup on his head.

Check Out The 2015 'Your Best Day Ever' Annual Event

Every year, the H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation, host 'Your Best Day Ever' event. It is a time of reflection, hope and some power shopping for all those things you need and wish you had. This year, like every year, the volunteers, sponsors and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Check out the video of the event.

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My Bra-Logue: Planned Acts of Kindess

Martin Luther King Day was a great day to reach out and support those in need. I spent my morning volunteering doing bra fittings at Fresh Start Women's Foundation. Gaeliel Apostolou, Personal Development Coordinator runs an awesome program that includes bra fitting, which is such an important part of how a women feels about herself. The Bra Recyclers has been providing bras to Fresh Start for over 5 years, but this was the first time I actually participated in sizing and fitting their program participants in bras.

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undie1Feeling good starts 'undi-neath.' Check out our Undie Chest and restock your drawers!